The Last Voyage

The S.S. Saxonia – Cunard

It was 1957 – and I’m giving my age away! – another century –  when I boarded an ocean liner as a boy of twelve, leaving England forever.

Why is that important?  I guess, for me, because here I was, at twelve years old, on the cusp of a new era, and I didn’t even know it, and I guess nobody else did either.  The changes that occurred right after these final years of the decade of the 50s, were pivotal.

English schoolboys, circa 1957

Cunard continued to ply the waves of the Atlantic (and elsewhere, too, I imagine), up to 1971, as far as I know.  Other carriers got out of the business.  I named this article “The Last Voyage” because for me, that was a metaphor for the changing times;  in hindsight, the end of an era.

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