My Affair With An Edsel – Part 1

This Might Seem Weird

No, I didn’t actually have an affair with an Edsel.  The Edsel was an automobile, even though it was taken off the market because its radiator grill resembled female genitalia.  That was the rumor.

Wow! What does that look like?

This was an interesting if somewhat bizarre way of looking at cars.  Since time immemorial, automobiles have been associated with sex.  Back in the 1920s, the Tin Lizzy, Henry Ford’s first creation off the assembling line, set the standard for all the romantic hijinks that followed.  Booze and sex and automobiles just about defined the culture of the young, whichever decade you pick.  The older generation looked down on all this sinning and chose respectability.  Their automobiles were sedate Buicks or Chryslers, or a similar model from one of the other manufacturers.

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My Affair With An Edsel – Part 3

The Edsel I Loved

If you look back at my first installment of this blog, My Affair With An Edsel, I mentioned that I had acquired this strange habit of testing out other people’s cars when they weren’t looking.  I did this, even before I had a license.  The Edsel I drove was the property of a film company.

My father was the cameraman.

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How I Became A Noir Fan

How Noir Saved Me

How I became a fan of Noir is an interesting story – at least, it was for me! I hope you find it interesting. Because my passion for Noir arose at a time when I was going through the worst crisis in my life. Without going into the horrid details, let me simply say that discovering Noir had everything to do with setting me free.

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