Other Interesting Topics

I have a lot of interests besides writing.  Most writers do.  That’s because, in one way or another we have to do some research for our writing.  And some of us go through hair-raising experiences.  Some of us have had many different jobs, due to the fact that a lot of writers are a little “off.”  We’re not dangerous, as a group; we’re just…a little off.  We’re marginalized, like mental patients, the homeless, unsavory immigrants, etc.  Of course, I’m joking.  Am I?  My life was a living hell.  That’s something you’ll hear from a lot of writers.  But having a terrible life doesn’t always make you a writer.  So if anybody is thinking that this corollary works both ways, no, it doesn’t.  Many writers have had terrible upbringings, but so have serial killers, and how one becomes the other is something I don’t pretend to understand.

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