Bad Girls of Film Noir

Who were the most memorable bad girls of Noir? There were many. A movie that comes to my mind immediately, is Sudden Fear. Perhaps not the most known film of the genre, it shows Gloria Grahame in great form here as a really nasty, nasty, nasty person, who teams up with an equally nasty man (Jack Palance) to kill the unwitting Joan Crawford for her money. In Too Late for Tears, Lizbeth Scott is the main character in a tangled tale of cold-blooded immorality and murder.

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Why Girls Like Bad Guys

As I remember it, back in high school, it was the guys with the mean cars who scored. With their souped-up automobiles, and their “duck’s ass” hairdos, and their collars turned up like Fabian, they attracted attention. The school I was at was heavy on trades – welding, auto, carpentry, machine shop – and that was fine, but I just wasn’t the type. I’d somehow stumbled into the wrong school.

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