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Widmark as a psychopathic killer
Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death

Hi. That isn’t me. It’s Richard Widmark.

I hope what brings you here be a passion for reading and/or writing popular fiction, in particular, pulp fiction, and more explicitly, detective/mystery/Noir fiction.  Even better if you like guys like Richard Widmark, from KISS OF DEATH.

Coleen Gray & Victor Mature in Kiss of Death

Not me either. It’s Victor Mature.

If you share my obsession for the Noir genre in film that reached its zenith in the 1940s, such as the above featuring Victor Mature and Coleen Gray, well, why don’t you hang around and see what happens. I’ll be posting reviews of my favorite Noir films, here, and I would
welcome your comments.


This is me – the real me.

Mike Lipinski – I am a writer

When I was eight years old, I wrote a story that sealed my fate.

This is how I pictured myself

I wrote my first novel.  I realized at that tender age that all I wanted to do was write. Many years later, I began reading the Classics – the kind with a capital “C.” Along with others there was Dickens, Conrad, Jane Austin, and the guy who wrote Vanity Fair. And there were the Russians, Tolstoy and  Dostoevsky (I never got around to the others). The French: Camus, for instance. And I tried Being And Nothingness by Sartre, but I couldn’t get past page 8. (Well, that’s philosophy for you.)

It was only later in life that I developed an interest in pulp fiction. At that time I was writing stories of my own and trying unsuccessfully to market them. But without actually being aware of it, I kind of started writing in the genre that I had been influenced by. My first introduction to the genre was the series of shorts stories and novels by Leslie Charteris, and that of course is THE SAINT.

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The Saint was always saintly

I was fifteen when I came across this clever, suave crime fighter, who was cunning, gracious, nonchalant, an unbelievable athlete who always looked perfect, even after a fist-fight, and who could out talk and outwit any crook.  I was a marginalized kid, with no social life. When the other kids in high school were attending football and baseball games, laughing it up at school dances, and dating girls, I was at my typewriter.

At one time, I wanted to be a reporter, like this guy

The Saint performed such incredible feats with his athletic prowess, and the ladies loved him.  I made up for the lack of a social life by imagining I was Simon Templar getting the better of bad guys. My favorite scenario was to arrive at school and flabbergast everyone with feats of athletic prowess and linguistic proficiency, sweeping the girls off their feet.

I became a writer instead.  As a writer, you live many lives.  Every story you write is a little about you and about the people you’ve known.  But the greatest thing about writing is that you get a chance to live not one crazy life but as many as your imagination allows.

That’s being a writer.


I’d like to share my views and opinions with visitors to my site with an interest in sharing their opinions about Modern Pulp Fiction Novels. It’s a genre that has become more popular than ever, now that writers are able to publish their own stories online without necessarily having to go through a conventional publisher.

I guess I’d like to help people to understand this unique genre, which began in the Pulp Fiction Era of the 1930s and 40s, and into the 50s, carried on by popular comic books of the day, because I believe it’s an important branch of literature which has never received the praise it deserves.  Stephen King has often commented on the disdain with which the mainstream literary elite has treated paperback books, dime novels, and the like.  Too bad, I think they’re missing something.


What’s that? If you’re interested in pulp fiction – and it covers a wide range of sub-genres – then you are one of those awesome individuals who is focused on a specific niche.  You don’t want to read just anything; you have a spotlight on what grabs you!  And that makes you an enthusiast.  Even if you’re not now, you may become one in time.  Hope you will. I want to spread the word about Pulp Fiction, and its simbiotic relationship to the Noir era of films in Hollywood, in the 40s and 50s, which pretty much paralleled the era of pulp.

It isn’t always easy to find what you’re looking for.  I plan to develop this site to include reviews of the best and worst in this field, and links to where you can find more information and possibly link up to sites where you can browse the novels I’m talking about here, and find out something about the authors, their biographies, their publishing history.


If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.  I will be posting excerpts of my own writing, in the same genre, in hopes you might like it and perhaps provide feedback.

I welcome comments from other writers.

All the best,


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  1. I’m from WA and I’m here to review your site. I read your 2 articles “Bad Girls of Film Noir” and “Why Girls Like Bad Guys”. I confess I know next to nothing about film noir but after reading your articles I feel like I know more than when I started. The niche is somewhat provocative and grabbed my attention right away. The photographs are well chosen and the dark color scheme works well for your niche. I don’t know what your plan is to monetize the site but I would search for movie retailers that have affiliate programs and specialize in film noir. I would write short reviews about the sites so visitors know a little about them. If you review a film you could then say which of the retailers has that film. Maybe you already planned to do that.

    1. Hi, Peter. Well, thanks for your feedback. It’s probably the best one I’ve had so far. And your suggestions about linking up with DVD distributors is a really great idea I hadn’t actually considered as a specific tactic. Your perceptive review has given me more confidence. I appreciate that.

  2. I was glad to read your comments and learn more about your ambitions for the site. It has sparked my interest in black noir books and movies. Best of luck with your site!

  3. Great website – it’s given me a lot of ideas for films I’d like to see if I get a chance. I enjoyed the short stories a lot.

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